Losing weight, maintain weight, sate off the effects of condition are the reasons for most to embarking a new and lasting health and fitness lifestyle. Exercise changes body composition, stamina and strength. But changing food related thoughts and behaviors can be the key to lasting weight loss. Every time you diet to lose weight, you lose lean tissue; therefore, you must decrease caloric intake to avoid subsequent weight gain.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Regular exercise can boost your memory

Physical activity is widely believed to improve overall health, physical appearance, and internal workings of our body. The brain is a key organ that physical activity can affect. It can enhance cognitive functions and in response to physical activity, can maintain and even improve those functions.

Long-term benefits of regular exercise include improvements in scores on neuropsychological test batteries, as well as increased attention and perceptual abilities.

Regular exercise improves circulation and efficiency throughout the body, including in the brain. The brain needs oxygen and other nutrients in order to function well. When the oxygen is low, it affects human ability to concentrate, which in turn makes it more difficult to learn new information or recall information that was studied in the past.

Exercise helps supply oxygen to the brain, so even walking 15 minutes a day will help to focus better. Exercise also makes the body more alert and relaxed, and can thereby improve the memory uptake, allowing human brain to take better mental “pictures."
Regular exercise can boost your memory
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