Losing weight, maintain weight, sate off the effects of condition are the reasons for most to embarking a new and lasting health and fitness lifestyle. Exercise changes body composition, stamina and strength. But changing food related thoughts and behaviors can be the key to lasting weight loss. Every time you diet to lose weight, you lose lean tissue; therefore, you must decrease caloric intake to avoid subsequent weight gain.

Friday, June 24, 2016

What is a meaning of six pack abs?

Having six pack means that the person have low body fat. For men, their body fat needs to be about 10% and under. For women, it needs to be about 16% and under.

He or she have to reduce the amount of fat that their body stores (especially around mid-section) to a healthy and safe level.

This shows a person’s dedication to a good diet and workout program. Everybody all has six pack abs; however, most people have it hidden under a layer of body fat. Once body fat is low, abs will become visible.

Developing a ‘six pack’ or extreme definition of rectus abdominis muscles requires a lean physique with a low body fat percentage and hypertonic growth of lean muscle.

Physical activity and exercise is essential. It must consistent with this to keep the weight down so that the abs are apparent after all of the hard work.

It is a good thing to change the exercise routine up periodically to avoid giving the muscles a chance to get used to daily routine. This will ensure that all of the muscle groupings are worked also.
What is a meaning of six pack abs?

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