Losing weight, maintain weight, sate off the effects of condition are the reasons for most to embarking a new and lasting health and fitness lifestyle. Exercise changes body composition, stamina and strength. But changing food related thoughts and behaviors can be the key to lasting weight loss. Every time you diet to lose weight, you lose lean tissue; therefore, you must decrease caloric intake to avoid subsequent weight gain.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Walk for fitness

Walking is good exercise and brisk walk is even better. In brisk walking the person are moving: moving quickly, arms and legs, thrusting forward and back easily. It is an inexpensive activity.

Brisk walk is a natural, graceful accentuation of the movement utilized in casual walking.

Brisk walking can be more beneficial than jogging or running as it produces less impact and strain on body joints and ligaments.

Slow walking speeds produce substantial health benefits but result in a minimal increase in fitness level. Higher speeds result in improvement in both health and fitness.

Fast walking is an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight.

When practiced regularly, it will trim and tone flabby areas and restore elasticity strength and endurance to the muscles, heart and lungs.
Walk for fitness
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