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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Measurement of Skinfold Thickness

Measurement of Skinfold Thickness
Measurement of the skinfold thickness at various sites on the body has been used for many years to indicate both inadequate and excessive adiposity in children.

A skinfold thickness measures the amount of subcutaneous fat but an equation developed from the combination of measurement at defined sites provides a reliable estimate of total adiposity.

In addition, skinfold measurements taken at just the triceps by trained operators were shown to correlate well with estimates of total adiposity from DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) in US children and measurements of abdominal skinfold also correlated highly with estimates of intra-abdominal adiposity obtained from CT or MRI scans.

The ration of subscapular to triceps skinfold thickness has also been shown to be a good predictor of a centralized fat distribution.

Skinfold thickness is a cheap and relatively simple measure to perform, although skinfold may be difficult to be measured in obese subject.

In addition, its reproducibility both for a single observer on the same subject and for different observers vary greatly. Skinfold also appears to vary with race.

The lack of growth charts for skinfold thickness or skinfold ratio limits its use for defining childhood obesity and as yet there are no clear associations between skinfold measures and risk of metabolic disease.
Measurement of Skinfold Thickness
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